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Percussion Services

Instruction, Performing & Creation

Individualized Programs

We are here to promote and enhance music performance and education using percussion instruments, customized lesson plans for individual and/or groups, private instruction on a wide range of percussion instruments, musical arrangements and professional recording sessions.


Each individual can choose their own customized path:

  • Breakdown grooves and songs and play along as you listen in real time
  • Learn to play with click tracks, drum machines, and loops
  • Build technique and build your chops
  • Develop greater independence and control
  • Create your own warm ups to increase speed, stamina, and dexterity
  • Rudimental development and how to apply it on the drumset
  • Learn any or all styles you would like to play such as pop, rock, metal, latin, jazz, blues, world, etc
  • Sight reading
  • Composition
  • Tuning, set ups, and maintenance
  • Anything you want to learn and master Upbeat Percussion can get you there


  • Two and four mallet technique
  • Sight reading
  • Solo’s
  • Scale’s and arpeggio’s
  • Play along with songs/heads
  • Soloing over chord changes
  • Learn specific parts of symphonic, marching, or percussion ensembles.

Other Features:

  • Latin percussion instruments, congas, bongos, timbales, etc
  • Orchestral percussion instruments, xylophone, glockenspiel, tambourine, cymbal techniques, etc.
Paul Kairis Drum Instructor

We're Set Up to ZOOM!

In addition to our state-of-the-art studio, because of technology, we are able to deliver excellent percussion instruction and collaboration through Zoom and powerful audio interfaces. Give us a call to schedule a lesson or an appointment!